Now every hole in her body was filled with hot sperm and also the elf under Anya covering her. Anya passed out as the elves removed their big cocks from Anya.

The elves are so amazed by Anya now that they probably will never be afraid of humans again! (Well at least not the women).

The elves picked up Anya and carried her to the lake where they slowly washed her whole sweet body. After washing it, they all laid down to rest a little bit. They packed their things and clothes and waited for Anya to wake up.

When Anya woke up, she saw that 3 big elves were still there and knew it was not just a dream, it really happened, she really had sex with 3 creatures. Soon the four of them were in the water, wandering around, playing and getting to know each other better.

Finally after a few hours of relaxation, they all lay down in the sun to dry and when the elves lay there their huge dick pointing to the sky,rising like the sun. Anya saw the huge dicks, one to the left, one to the right one and one in front of her. She immediately grabbed that cock and started sucking it and kissing it and licking his balls. They wanted to do another round but Anya was still having a little pain from the first round and was afraid to do it again.

When the elves realized that, they made a switch and started to  eat Anya’s sweet pussy until everyone cummed. Late in the afternoon, Anya told them that she would go home and ask if she would see them again. They told her they would wait for her once a month when the full moon will be in the sky. They also told her that she could bring a friend (as long as she was a nice girl like her) or two if she wanted to. But they warned Anya that they would show themselves only when everyone is naked.

Soon, they were all dressed up and the elves were back in the forest. They helped Anya fold her clothes so she could go home and rest. It wasn’t until the elves left that Anya realized she had never even asked their names.

Anya smiles thinking that she will see them again, determined that the next time she will remember to ask for them their names! After all, it was her first sexual experience and it was so special for her. It dreamed for so long to fuck with elves but never for the first time! TO BE CONTINUED……Anya, Hina and the 3 mythical creatures