Mileena turned to face the kimono-clad man sitting serenely on a huge mushroom, smoking a hookah. The man may have been 55 or 35 years old. Extremely difficult to tell. He had a short white beard and white hair. He had big, gold-rimmed sunglasses on that fully covered his eyes. His kimono in purple and green was very bright. He released a cloud of fragrant cherry blossom smoke as his hookah bubbled up.

Mileena kindly exclaimed, “Excuse me, sir.

The man bowed his head (or at least he seemed to – it was hard to tell with his dark glasses). He questioned, “Who are you?

Mileena said, “I barely know, sir, with the day I’m starting to experience. However, I am aware of who I was when I awoke this morning?

The guy questioned, “What do you mean?”

“Well, everything is so unclear. You know, I don’t feel like myself at all.”

I don’t really see, the man said.

Well, being continually transformed is quite upsetting, said Mileena.

The man harshly said, “It isn’t.

Mileena protested, “Well, it is to me!”

The guy growled, “You!” Identify yourself. and they had returned to their starting point.

Why don’t you identify yourself for me? Mileena remarked, losing patience with the man.

The guy questioned, “Why?” before taking a big drag from his hookah.

Mileena yelled angrily, “Oh!” She turned to go as she felt the tears of frustration well up in her eyes.

The guy said, “Wait. Mileena circled about. “Yakubutsu Katapira is my name. Join me on my mushroom and climb up there.”

Mileena climbed upon the mushroom, struggling and exposing her naked bottom in the air.

She sat down on it, which was velvet-soft and -smooth, with great comfort in front of Yakubutsu Katapira. He pulled on his hookah while looking at her through his black sunglasses. Mileena cover her naked breasts by hesitantly pulling her top up. When he breathed out the lovely pink mist in her face, she made an effort not to sneeze. He questioned you again, “Who are you?”

Mileena, she said, “I am Mileena, sir.

Yakubutsu Katapira remarked, “Well, Mileena, I’m going to give you a vice.”

Mileena clarified, “Surely you mean a recommendation.”

The guy mocked, “Surely I know what I mean!” Mileena hung her head and corrected him. Lift my kimono, Yakubutsu Katapira commanded.

Mileena followed instructions. The man’s slim crossed legs and semi-hard dick were first seen as she raised the lovely silk.

Yakubutsu Katapira challenged Mileena, “Go on. I’ll also offer you a vice.

Yakubutsu Katapira’s cock was lifted into her mouth by Mileena, who knelt down. As he took another drag from the hookah, she started to slide back and forth. She was delighted to find that his cock had a little cherry blossom flavor. He coughed, exhaled his pink smoke, and started to distribute his vice:

You are a young fantasy lady, Madam Mileena—a hotter babe than I am dreaming—but if you want to maintain your youthful beauty as the years pass, include lots of sperm in your diet.

Mileena proceeded to suck on Yakubutsu Katapira’s hardening cock while listening to his vice. It didn’t seem especially nice to her at the time, she thought.

If you regularly cover your wonderful tongue with man juice, it will continue to blow for decades to come. You’re good, Madam Mileena, it’s going to be fun. My hard-on has already grown.

The cock of Yakubutsu Katapira had indeed hardened. Mileena made the decision to give the man the finest blowjob ever after being touched by his warm remarks. She stroked her tongue over his cock while making sure her mouth was completely moist. As her palm intensely wanked his dick, she swallowed him whole.

I want you to still be a slut when you’re 30, so never stop downing that jizz. You are sexy, Madam Mileena, a little bit nasty, and dirtier even when you’re drunk.

There is no one bolder than you, Madam Mileena; you are the perfect companion for a jizz. If you keep sucking that jizz, your boldness will only grow as you mature.

Yakubutsu Katapira halted in his vice to smoke on his hookah while Mileena continued to suck on his cock. She had now mixed his cherry-scented pre-cum with her saliva, making his cock wet in her lips. To show him that she was listening, she hummed. Yakubutsu Katapira continued:

You are a whore in the bed, Madam Mileena, and I enjoy a loose female. If you continue to consume juice, you will continue to fuck till you pass away.

You are a real whore, Madam Mileena, and you are filthy. Just take a look at what you’ve accomplished; then, let’s continue to give you lots of sperm to keep you a slut for a few more years.

Mileena was now hesitant to be referred to as a whore and a slut. She stood up and turned to face Yakubutsu Katapira, his come making her lips glistening. To signal for her to go on, he just pulled on his hookah and bent his head.

Madam Mileena, you are an expert and a lovely person.

The finest blowjob I’ve ever have; when you’re old and grey, you’ll be sucking on cocks with a mouthful of zesty white cream.

Than Mileena, this appeared preferable to vice. The praise made her happy. Yes, that was a fantastic blowjob. With his pre-cum, it was hot, humid, and sticky—all nice things, in Mileena’s opinion. Her palm momentarily rested on his balls as she massaged the base of his cock, and when she felt them tighten, she realized she would soon have access to all the vice she could handle.

Madam Mileena, you’re a wicked girl who will do anything, as you’ve proven;

Only while you’re swallowing seed, when your mouth receives another exquisite load, are you at peace.

In her mouth, she felt Yakubutsu Katapira’s cock harden and pulsate. As she sensed his upcoming release, Mileena increased the intensity of her sucking and wanked him more. As he approached the climax of the last line of his vice, Yakubutsu Katapira moaned heartbrokenly.

If you could learn just one thing, Madam Mileena, I want you to remember it would be this: If his creamy white honey is not in your twat, you will swallow his lovely sperm.

Yakubutsu Katapira then released his most prized vice. As Yakubutsu Katapira entered Mileena’s tongue, the aroma of cherry blossoms filled her thoughts.

As his cum erupted in her mouth, she tightly clutched his cock between her lips and massaged it with her tongue. Mileena drank all of his cum down, taking care not to spill a drop. She then gave his cock a good cleaning from base to tip before giving it another good sucking. Satisfied, she took a seat back, hid her modesty under Yakubutsu Katapira’s kimono, and grinned.

He inhaled deeply from his hookah and exhaled a pink mist. You must go right away, Mileena, Yakubutsu Katapira stated once it had cleared. However, he kissed her on the lips before she went to demonstrate that he had adopted his own good vice.