She pressed her claws into my ribs while saying “Ooohyah.”

Luna leapt at me and wrapped her arms around me, pressing her erect nipples into the small of my back while wearing no bra. “Gotcha,” she murmured while giggling.

I said, “Luna, dear.

My spandex-covered cock, the little shape-shifter, was starting to change its proportions as Luna’s hands slid from my waist down to it.

Without saying a word, she turned me around and stood on her tiptoes before offering me her lips, her lovely lips, after rubbing my cock till it was extremely hard outside of my pants. She asked me to kiss her while her eyes were closed.

As she wrapped her arms around my neck, I knelt down and did the same. I gave Luna a kiss. She licked my lips before moving on to my teeth after opening her mouth. She placed her tongue firmly inside my mouth as soon as I opened it and started sucking. She touched my upper thigh with her pelvis, but I could feel she was humping her petite pussy against my engorged big cock.

She pressed into my leg as soon as her pussy met it, giving me long, passionate kisses while taking deep breaths through her nose.

She dragged me toward my bed after I saw her open her eyes to find it.

She pulled me down on top of her and we were locked in a virtually complete sexual hug when the back of her knees brushed against my mattress. The only reason it wasn’t really sexual was because we were still dressed.

She hooked her arms around my neck and continued to grind her pussy into me while also pushing her breasts into my body and rubbing them back and forth.

I released one of my hands by rolling half of a turn to the side. I touched around her body, crawled beneath her blouse, and grabbed first one, then the other breast. Her little breasts begged to be fed despite having such firm nipples.

I slipped my hand down to her belly and then into her shorts as I continued to massage her with my hands while still in a complete French kiss. Further down, I felt wet swollen lips, a clit that was officially open, and a thick bush of pubic hair.

Luna approached quickly and humped my hand. She was soaking wet in liquid. She released her hold on my neck as she orgasmed, broke off our locked kiss, and trembled violently with her mouth open and her eyes closed. She created a noise like to a small-caliber rapid-fire weapon.

She rushed at me so forcefully that I was a little concerned that she could have a stroke or other medical problem.

Luna certainly possessed sex. She started coming out of her orgasm to look for my cock. She begged me, referring to my spandex shorts, “Take them off.”

I shucked them off, being careful not to crack my completely impervious cock in the process. After initially having trouble with my thickness and length, Luna plunged down and swallowed me into her mouth. She kept pushing and inhaling. My cock then inserted itself into her throat as I felt her swallow. Her eyes were wide as she gasped for air.

I burst into her stomach as her throat swalloed me.  She backed off, struggling for breath, but I continued to ejaculate. The final three times I squirted outside of her mouth, and it stuck in her hair and on her face. I squirted six or seven times total.

Luna took off her t-shirt and shorts—which were just shorts—as I was getting better. She mounted me while I was still erect, she touched herself on my cock with her kissable breasts pointing over my head, and she started to ride me with a passion. Forwards and backwards come first, followed by up and down, then returning to forwards and backwards.

The second time Luna came, she fainted and fell down into my body, rubbing her head against my nose.

Of course, with her stuck and unconscious on top of me, I began to bleed from the nose. I had to break from her and hurry to the bathroom to get some cold water to rinse the blood off my face and stop the bleeding while I lay there on my back, trying not to choke on the blood while still gasping for air.

She walked over when I was in the restroom. Disoriented, “What happened, Mister Benjamin? There is blood?” she replied.

“Okay, sweetheart. You fell asleep. My bloodied nose will stop bleeding in a moment.” I said. I’ll get back in there straight away.

“If you’re okay, I have to go. My father will be waiting for me.”

“Luna, you have some of my blood and my sperm on your face, hair, and skin. Use the mirror in this room and help clean up.” I said.

She entered the bathroom petite, nude, and very stunning. She grabbed the washcloth I provided her and started washing herself.

When she was certain that her face, hair, and body were completely free of any remnants of our sexual encounter, she went back to the bedroom and put on her shorts and t-shirt.

Once more, soon? asked Luna

“You may, Luna. I’m extremely grateful; I really enjoyed this.” I answered. Perhaps one day you might take ME fishing with you, she joked.

I see Luna around four or five times a week. She just sneaks through the rear gate and across the alley.

She is amazing, ravenous, and fully into sex. She begs me to do everything to her because she wants to experience becoming her husband’s lover.

I work hard to satisfy Luna’s fantasies.