Running on her hands and feet while holding Kingu Heretsu in between her legs was rather uncomfortable for Mileena. Every stride caused his cock to jab her pussy at weird angles, and as she increased her speed, her pussy was poked even more quickly. He kept pulling on the reins, pulling her head back, and soon she was drooling over a lot. Kingu Heretsu increased his enthusiasm with the crop as they drew closer to Samiko Hiraoka and Jakku Heretsu.

Mileena slowly caught up to Samiko Hiraoka. As their riders pushed them forward more quickly behind them, the girls’ eyes darted about madly to gaze at one another.

Jakku Heretsu quickly bent down and lashed his opponent’s pony, causing Mileena to feel a hard smack on her back. Kingu Heretsu yelled, “Not fair!” as he threw his crop down on Samiko Hiraoka.

All of the competitors were restrained. Kingu Heretsu and Jakku Heretsu were hitting the thighs and asses of one other’s horses with their dicks. Kingu Heretsu’s cock bounced around in Mileena’s pussy as she screamed and jumped with each painful stroke, yet she was able to keep up with Samiko Hiraoka. Samiko Hiraoka then lost his balance and collapsed. Jakku Heretsu’s arms were flailing and her ass was flying in the air as Mileena away.

She gently came closer to them as she could see Kisaki Heretsu’s behind as she stroked her sister.

They ran around the walled garden. Mileena was gasping for air. Her ruined blouse hung to her back with sweating, and her mouth frothed at the bit. She noticed a regal dais up ahead as they leveled off with Kitana and Kisaki Heretsu and realized the race was almost done.

Kisaki Heretsu yelled, “Faster! Faster!” “Go for it! Go for it! “Kingu Heretsu said. The horses’ buttocks and thighs turned a bright red color from the riders’ whipping them with their crops. Mileena noticed a small group of cheering fans and a white line drawn on the field as they got closer to the grass.

Mileena, who had one last burst of energy left in her, outran her sister by a cock’s length as she crossed the finish line.

She slumped face-first on the grass as the audience cheered in approval because the race had almost killed her. Kingu Heretsu started his victory fuck by pulling hard on the reins since he was so ecstatic to have won. Mileena lay drooling in the area, her tail swinging, her ass in the air, and her chin resting on the grass. Kingu Heretsu chuckled, applauded, and passionately plunged into her dripping sweat pussy.

She finally felt her head being pulled back as Kingu Heretsu pulled on the reins and sunk his cock deep into the pussy of his pony with a loud shout. As the royal spunk flooded her worn-out pussy, the audience cheered. Before leaving Mileena, Kingu Heretsu kindly accepted the applause and congratulations from the audience. Her thighs buckled, causing her ass to fall on the ground with royal semen collecting between them.

The cheering audience formed in a small circle around the racers as Mileena was assisted to her feet by two of the big tit young girls. She panted on the bit with her hair wet and her clothes sticking to her skin.

A little evening wind that fluttered her tail caused her nipples to become pink nubs. She noticed that Kitana and Samiko Hiraoka were both sweating profusely heavily and appeared to be about to pass out. Kingu Heretsu’s cock was still bouncing triumphantly as he continued to grin. Jakku Heretsu had a dejected appearance, his hair falling over his eyes, and his prick was withering in front of him. Mileena then discovered Kisaki Heretsu.

The girl’s cleavage was flushed and her strap-on pointed accusingly as the Queen looked at her. She commanded, “Shit in her mouth!”

The audience exhaled. But dear,” Kingu Heretsu said. “Not at all! She has triumphed!” After holding Mileena in his angry gaze for a while, Kisaki Heretsu eventually turned on Jakku Heretsu. “then pee in the loser’s face! Have him eliminated! “.

The two inked guards then made their way through the throng, grabbed hold of Jakku Heretsu, and carried the wail-filled Prince to his fate.

Turning back to Mileena, Kisaki Heretsu said, “And for you.” “The reward!”

The audience applauded, and they all dispersed to expose the dais, where the golden chalice Mileena had earlier seen was sitting. The two page young girls approached Mileena while passing the joyful throng with the golden cup. She examined the inside after taking the large cup in both hands.

A pint of ice-cold semen was pooled at the bottom and was swirling against the polished metal, leaving sticky trails in its path. Mileena stared in shock at the pool of cum before turning to gaze at the rows of curious eyes around her.

She brought the cup to her lips as she reflected about Yakubutsu Katapira’s wonderful vice.

The golden cup brushed her lips, but the metal piece was still securely lodged in her mouth. She steadily raised the cup in the air as she watched the cum puddle slide closer to her mouth. The first clammy drips then landed on her tongue. The sperm poured from the cup into her lips as she raised the cup higher. The jizz streamed out of the corners of Mileena’s lips and down her throat as she choked on the bit. She raised the cup even higher and sipped the jizz till all but a trace of cum escaped her lips.

She lowered the cup, her chin and lips covered with cum. She took one more heroic gulp of cum, smacked her lips together, exclaimed, “Ahh!” and smiled widely as the crowd erupted in applause and chants of “Vote! Vote! Vote!”