Mileena let her head drop into what she believed to be a rubber pillow, but something hard hit her cheek. She lifted it up to see that she was carrying a black latex hood with a rubber bulb attached to the mouth of the hood. She sighs got up and pulls the hood over her head.

She fought to breathe, the atmosphere started to smell like rubber, and she had trouble seeing out of the two tiny eye openings. She felt something on her lips, but she was unable to identify what it was. She trawled about in front of her until she discovered the tube, which she followed to the rubber bulb. When she gripped it, the object that was pressed against her lips somewhat expanded.

At her shoulder, Kichigai Hatto came. He said, “That’s it!” and grabbed the bulb from her palm, quickly squeezing it twelve times.

With each squeeze, Mileena’s inflatable penis gag got larger and moved more into her mouth until it was resting on her throat. Mileena was left thrashing around, trapped under the hood, and choking on the rubber cock down her throat as he went once more.

In order to observe what the others were doing, she slowly turned in her seat.

She could see that Toguchi Mausu was fixed in the spreader, laying on his back, through the tiny eye holes. Yayoi Usagi had taken her position and was banging Toguchi Mausu’s ass with the black cock sticking out of his mouth. Kichigai Hatto knelt over Toguchi Mausu in a 69, the string of the Ben-Wa balls dangling from his ass.

Kichigai Hatto swallowed Toguchi Mausu’s cock while simultaneously shoving his own cock into the other man’s mouth while his top hat dangerously balanced.

Through the latex hood, Mileena observed this intricate orgy as the rubber cock was in her mouth. When Kichigai Hatto murmured, Mileena observed Toguchi Mausu’s saliva pool and pour out of his lips. When Toguchi Mausu arrived a little while later, Kichigai Hatto created a tremendous mess by dribbling his cum on his cock and balls. Finally, Yayoi Usagi sank between Toguchi Mausu’s thighs with his hand between his knees and all the way down the front of his purple shirt.

Mileena exhaled with relief (as best she could, around the gag in her mouth). Finding a valve while cleaning the hose, she turned it to release the gag that was stuck in her throat. When Kichigai Hatto dropped Toguchi Mausu’s filthy cock and said, “All change,” she realized she truly needed to leave.

Oh my gosh, said Mileena. While the males untangled themselves, she fought to escape the hood. She yelled out when she suddenly realized that she was falling, laid the hood on the table, and shifted over one seat.

Because a seat wasn’t present. She fell to the ground, losing all of her breath as she landed directly on a sizable rubber cock.

She promptly buried the cock completely in her shocked pussy and then found herself bouncing off it once again. However, before she could get away from it, she collapsed again and the cock pushed itself back into her. As the bounces stopped, Mileena realized that she had landed on a twisted type of space hopper with a giant rubber dildo that was now filling her pussy in place of an antenna to grab on to.

Mileena realized that this was her best chance to get away as she sat there softly swaying on the Sexerciseball. She rapidly flew away from the wild sex party as she jumped and bounced away from the table.

She looked back as she reached the forest and noticed the three men following her, their shirts covering their softening cocks. Kichigai Hatto had his bowler hat on top of the latex hood. Yayoi Usagi had a black rubber cock protruding from his lips, while Toguchi Mausu was sitting on the lawn with his legs still fastened to the spreader. Mileena was thinking, “All that fucking.” And I got absolutely no vice!

On the Sexerciseball, Mileena raced across the forest, shouting with delight at each bounce. Every time she bounced, the rubber dildo was pushed back into her pussy, allowing her to take off again as the cock was about to slide out. Her small tits jiggle up and down with each bounce, and her hair flew behind her as her top flapped in the breeze.

She eventually came to rest among a huge Sugi tree, tired beyond belief. The Sexerciseball rested limply next to her as she rested against the ancient, wrinkled pine. She took a peek at her thighs and the numerous little heart-shaped markings the crop had left behind. She spread her wretched pussy’s lips, but she made the judgment that her jump through the woods had really improved how it felt. After all the drama, she noticed that her eyes were getting heavy and quickly fell asleep.

She was forcefully woken by a hard hand dragging her to her feet while the sun was low on the horizon. When she suddenly realized she was between 2 huge males, she shouted out in shock.

Their powerful bodies were covered in vibrating tattoos of dragons, monsters, and mythological heroes from neck to ankle. Except for the black silk mawashi belts they wore like sumo wrestlers, they were nude. One held a leather slapper, while the other brought a tit whip, which Mileena found very hilarious.

Itsutsu slapped her ass and said, “Who goes there?”

Declare your intention, Nanatsu said while beating her tit.

However, the guards had already started moving quickly toward the opposite side of the tree with Mileena swinging between them before she could scream anything other than “Ow!” and “Ow!”

The door was set into the tree, which was an odd location for a door, but before she could consider this, Mileena and the two wrestlers were slipping through.

They came out onto a sizable garden that was totally enclosed by a tall, red-brick wall. A maid in black stockings knelt in front of the wall, Mileena observed. The girl was passionately licking the thick cock that poked through the little hole in the wall. The maid tilted her head back, being cautious not to spill any, as Mileena watched the cock erupt into her mouth.

With their tits bouncing in their silky, boobless outfits, two pages trotted over to her. They placed the enormous, golden cup that they were carrying on the grass in front of the maid. She leaned over it and spit her cum load into the cup. Mileena saw that the other maids were spread all around the high wall and that the pages then trotted over to one of them while carrying the chalice between them. The maid who was closest to her turned around and returned to the hole, where a new dick was waiting for her lips. (TO BE CONTINUED…)