While it was a little difficult to determine where to whip, Mileena aimed a shaky blow at Yayoi Usagi’s bottom. He cried out in delight when Mileena smacked him once again, “Harder!” A deep red heart-shaped welt was left where the crop had hit his bottom. Mileena began properly beating the males as she warmed up to the work and with the Ben-Wa balls performing symphonies in her pussy. The rubber heart bit at their thighs and buttocks while the crop snapped and smashed, landing repeatedly on their erect, jumping cocks.

When Kichigai Hatto abruptly snatched the tongue tickler out of his ass and said, “All change!” they were all having a great time.

Against her will, Mileena removed the Ben-Wa balls from her pussy (plop-plop-plop-plop, each ball squeezed out). She gave them to Yayoi Usagi once he had freed himself from Toguchi Mausu, still glossy with her fluids, and she went on to the next location.

Mileena grabbed up the subsequent toy and sat down at the table. It was a roughly three-foot-long, dark bar with leather straps on either end. She sat back down on the grass and placed the restraint around one ankle. To get to the other strap, which she used to tie her other ankle, she had to extend her legs widely. With her legs spread wide apart and safely secured, she sat there as the grass tickled her pussy.

Mileena was lying out on the grass with her legs wide apart when Kichigai Hatto noticed her and took the double dong to approach her. Before Mileena could protest, he threw her flat on her back and all went dark as he knelt down and put his ass over her lips.

Mileena struggled to breathe because of his oversized shirt, which formed a tent over her head. But when Kichigai Hatto became more at ease on her tongue, she realized he wasn’t going away. She extended her tongue. It wasn’t difficult for her to burrow her tongue into his ass because the tongue tickler had been there before her.

Mileena started to believe that if she could only continue breathing, Kichigai Hatto would be OK as she wriggled joyfully on her tongue.

She then felt the spreader raise her legs into the air. The familiar chilly smoothness of a Ben-Wa ball being put against her ass was the next thing she noticed. With one hand, her attacker supported her wide legs in the air while starting to stuff Ben-Wa balls up her butt. She discovered that her legs had been lowered when the last ball went in (after a bit of an effort).

Mileena felt the silky head of the twin dong being forced into her pussy before she had time to adjust to this novel feeling due to Kichigai Hatto shifting on her tongue. Kichigai Hatto started shoving it in and out, and more and more of the dong went into her pussy. When there was a quick snap and Mileena felt the crop dig into her leg, she was wondering how much more she could take. She screamed in shock and agony, but Kichigai Hatto seemed to be more excited by this, and he fucked her with the dong harder than before and pressed his ass harder against her tongue.

The crop continued to crack on her thighs, stomach, and—most frequently—on her exposed pussy, which made her scream the loudest of all—but she was vulnerable in the spreader. The Ben-Wa balls swirled in her ass every time she screamed at the crop’s kiss, and her miserable body tortured in a misery of pleasure and torment. And all the time, Kichigai Hatto reamed his ass while shoving the dong into her butt.

When Kichigai Hatto yelled, “All change!” and climbed off her face, Mileena was barely aware.

Mileena was unable to move even if her ankles weren’t locked in the spreader. So Yayoi Usagi gladly brought her the next toy. He raised her head, slipped a rubber gag into her mouth, and buckled it behind her head as she got sight of a six-inch black rubber cock. Mileena opened her eyes and noticed that the black cock was now sticking out of her lips. Even though she knew she should stop it, all she could manage to do was hopelessly mutter around the gag in her mouth.

Toguchi Mausu was forced on the ground by Yayoi Usagi, who then sat on his chest and spread his legs. Mileena was commanded to act quickly. “Come here!”

Mileena slid onto her front with much effort as the Ben-Wa balls wanted to fit madly in her butt. She moved slowly between Toguchi Mausu’s knees, her legs dragging behind her in the spreader and the black cock bouncing in front of her eyes. She turned the cock between the smaller man’s ass cheeks with Yayoi Mausu’s encouragement. She was able to get the black dildo gag’s head through his ring by using all of her neck muscles and heavy nasal breathing. Once within, she could move slowly while driving the black cock farther into Toguchi Mausu’s ass.

When she felt chilly air on her bottom while struggling further inside Toguchi Mausu, the crop fell on her bare ass and she heard a Smack! She leaped forward, forcing Toguchi Mausu to leap as she shoved the remaining inch of the dildo gag into him. The ball sack pressing up on her nose and his cock rising straight up caught her attention as she looked wide-eyed. Her bottom and (her legs wide, as they were) her poor pussy took a massive hit from Kichigai Hatto. Mileena fought to escape with each crack of the crop, which made the dildo strike Toguchi Mausu more aggressively.

Mileena was on the verge of giving up when Kichigai Hatto yelled, “All change!” as the last crack of the crop fell directly on her pussy.

Yayoi Usagi and Kichigai Hatto removed the spreader, loosened the Ben-Wa balls from her ass, and unfastened the dildo gag as she was pulled from Toguchi Mausu’s ass. Before returning their attention to Toguchi Mausu, they assisted her damaged body into the next seat. (TO BE CONTINUED…)