Mileena LI pondered Yakubutsu Katapira’s vice as she made her way through the forest, wondering if she shouldn’t follow it soon. Although her hair was still sticky from Redi Obasan’s pussy juice, and her blouse still clung to her little tits, the sun continues to shine through the trees and dried her arms and legs.

As she approached a little cabin in a valley, a huge table was set up outside for a sex party.

There was Mileena for another dozen visitors, but just three people were seated there, plMileenad close, and having an angry dispute. Mileena Li walked over to the table and patiently awaited their response.

She assumed it was Kichigai Hatto, a slightly small man in his forties. He was dressed in a shirt that was too big for him and a flat cap that was still marked up to 10/9. The pink object he was waving in his hands with the cuffs falling over it repeatedly. He was speaking with authority as he explained its goal. Yayoi Usagi was a little younger (so she also assumed it was him). His amazing paisley clothing was on view.

He seized the pink object from Kichigai Hatto and made it very clear what it was there for.

Mileena Li had no idea that Toguchi Mausu was a male because of his tiny build and fancy clothes. Toguchi Mausu was a young man. He appeared to be about to fall asleep while wedged between his two friends.

Taking the pink object back, Kichigai Hatto said, “No, let me show you! Mileena Li got her first decent glimpse at the device as he held it up while looking for a button. The tongue tickler had a long, pink tongue extending out that resembled a pair of rubber lips and a large nose.

He said, “Now see!” and brought the tongue tickler and Toguchi Mausu’s head together while holding them in each hand. Toguchi Mausu struggled in vain as the writhing rubber tongue wiggled into his mouth after being caught completely off guard.

Toguchi Mausu was still caught in his weird kiss with the pink tongue tickler when Mileena Li cleared her throat, drawing the attention of the other two. She remarked, “I don’t believe that’s entirely correct.

Yayoi Usagi said with satisfaction, “See!”

Nervously asking, “And what would you know,” was Kichigai Hatto. “Show us if you think you know better,” I said. and with that, he handed Mileena Li the tongue-tickler.

She grabbed the writhing creature in her hands and yelled, “Oh!” Yayoi Usagi and Kichigai Hatto gave her eager looks. Well, she replied. “I believe it to be like this.”

Mileena Li took a seat on one of the chairs and Mileena her feet on the edge of the table after spreading her legs. The men rushed to get a look, including Toguchi Mausu. Mileena Li sucked her finger and teased her pussy open as her skirt was cinched up. She lowered the tongue-tickler between her legs after that. Inches from her cunt, the long pink tongue jerked in dirty swirls. She drew it closer till the tongue’s tip was immediately in her pussy.

Mileena Li jumped, but she kept the tongue tickler in position and let more and more tongue to wiggle into her hole.

The pink lips of the wriggling tongue pressed against her hole as it moved deeper into her pussy. Mileena Li then realized the tongue tickler’s true marvel: its big snout now nuzzled her clitoral region. Mileena Li exclaimed, “Oh!” once again as the nose vibrated vigorously against her clit and the tongue trembled and wiggled like a snake in her pussy. Her free hand moved to one breast while her legs were spread out on the table, and she closed her eyes in ecstasy.

Kichigai Hatto yelled, “Enough!” disorientating Mileena Li out of her daydream.

He leaned over and pulled the tongue tickler’s tongue from her pussy as he snatched it out of her hands. “Not now, please! It’s all new!”

Toguchi Mausu was immediately pushed aside by Kichigai Hatto, who then took a seat. Toguchi Mausu timidly pushed Yayoi Usagi and Mileena Li to the next seat, respectfully. Mileena Li discovered that they were all entirely nude throughout the shooting, save for their shirts and Kichigai Hatto’s top hat.

Mileena Li discovered herself seated in front of four silver balls connected by a string, each measuring approximately an inch across.

She picked up the Ben-Wa balls, and as she did so, each one softly vibrated as if it were holding a tiny ball, and it released a surreal jingle that remained stable. Mileena Li plMileenad the first of the big balls on her pussy in the hopes that they would try to compensate for the tongue tickler that had been so cruelly taken from her pussy.

When it touched her lips, the metal felt smooth and delightfully chilly. She gave the ball some pressure and saw it fall within. The other three were in her palm, and she grinned as it gently shook inside of her. She made the impulsive decision to add another.

Kichigai Hatto was using the tongue tickler and waiting his turn.

He leaned over the table and clutched his shirt to his bottom while flicking the long shirt tails out of the way. Kichigai Hatto lay there smiling happily as the tongue tickler quickly snaked its way into his ass and explored his back hole.

Yayoi Usagi had a riding crop with a rubber heart at the tip, while Toguchi Mausu had a big, pink double dong. Toguchi Mausu was holding the dong in an unsexy manner, so Yayoi Usagi seized over and threw the smaller guy into the grass while holding the dong. His flowery shirt dropped over his head as he was rolled onto his shoulders, leaving his ass hanging in the air.

He then started to touch Toguchi Mausu in the behind with one end of the shaky rubber prick. Yayoi Usagi twisted (with some effort) and plMileenad the other end of the dong against his own asshole after forcing three to four inches into poor Toguchi Mausu. The dong went deeper into Toguchi Mausu’s ass as he knelt down.

Mileena Li, on the other hand, watched as her pussy closed around the last ball, leaving only the string’s end visible. She felt the balls in her cunt begin to roll gently as she became quite full. When Yayoi Usagi commanded her to go there and spank them both, she was loving the experience.

She finally realized the true brilliance of the Ben-Wa balls when Mileena Li got to her feet. The action caused the balls inside of her to vibrate and buzz. She had to lean on the table to stay upright because it felt like an orchestra was playing in her pussy.

Mileena Li approached the bizarre sight of Yayoi Usagi crouching up and down on the upside-down guy, attached to Toguchi Mausu by the pink double dong, as soon as she could. She grabbed the dong timidly.

Yes, Yayoi Usagi shouted. Slap us! (TO BE CONTINUED…)